Diamond Reynolds immediate witness to the murder of Philando Castile, tells her story clearly and directly.

Diamond Reynolds Speaks directly

Philando Castile’s fiancée Diamond Reynolds speaks her mind. “I just ask that we get justice”

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“Bonapartism is after all the real religion of the modern bourgeoisie.”

Comments of Friedrich Engels in a letter 1866

Marx-Engels Correspondence 1866

Friedrich Engels to Karl Marx in Margate, 13 April 1866

Source: Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Selected Correspondence (Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1975). Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.

… So Bismarck has brought off his universal suffrage stroke even though without his Lassalle. It looks as if the German bourgeois will agree to it after some resistance, for Bonapartism is after all the real religion of the modern bourgeoisie. It is becoming more and more clear to me that the bourgeoisie has not the stuff in it to rule directly itself, and that therefore unless there is an oligarchy, as here in England, capable of taking over, for good pay, the management of state and society in the interests of the bourgeoisie, a Bonapartist semi-dictatorship is the normal form. [Emphasis added] It upholds the big material interests of the bourgeoisie even against the will of the bourgeoisie, but allows the bourgeoisie no share in the government. The dictatorship in its turn is forced against its will to adopt these material interests of the bourgeoisie as its own. So we now get Monsieur Bismarck adopting the programme of the National Association. [1] To carry it out is something quite different, of course, but Bismarck is hardly likely to come to grief through the German middle class. A German who has just returned relates that he has already found many who swallowed this bait; according to Reuter the Karlsruhe people have accepted the business and the profound embarrassment which this affair has caused the Kölnische Zeitung [2] clearly indicates the forthcoming turn of events…


1. The National Association was set up on 15-16 September 1859, at a conference held in Frankfurt on the Main of bourgeois liberals from the German states. Its purpose was the unification of all German states except Austria under Prussian hegemony. After the Austro-Prussian war and the creation of the North German Confederation on 11 November 1867, it disbanded itself – Progress Publishers.

2. Kölnische Zeitung – German daily newspaper published in Cologne since 1802; it was the organ of the big Rhenish bourgeoisie and the National Liberal Party; in the 1870s it was regarded as Bismarck’s mouthpiece – Progress Publishers.

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Countermobilizations stop Trump Rally in Chicago

March 11, 2016

Reuters reports that counter-demonstrations forced the closure and rescheduling of a Chicago rally by supporters of proto-Bonapartist Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Trump’s Chicago rally called off for safety reasons amid chaos

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a rally scheduled for Friday night in Chicago after the event turned into a chaotic scene with thousands of attendees split into opposing camps of supporters of the Republican front-runner and protesters inflamed by his candidacy.

A Trump campaign staffer took the stage nearly a half hour after the rally was slated to begin and said it would be postponed for safety reasons. A campaign statement issued slightly later said the event would be held on another unnamed day.

text links to full article.

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Statistics on Incarceration: US holds 22% of all the world’s prisoners

Reprinted from:
The Militant (logo)

Vol. 80/No. 10      March 14, 2016


US capitalist ‘justice’ …some facts

World’s jailer-in-chief
• World’s highest incarceration rate: US has 4.4% of world population but 22% of world’s prisoners.
• Some 7 million people (1 in 35 adults) are today in federal or state prison, local jails, or on parole or probation. • 5 percent of adult males and 17 percent of adult males who are Black are or have been behind bars.

‘Plea bargains’ and the right to a trial
• 97% of federal and 94% of state convictions in criminal cases result from the accused pleading guilty to charges horse traded by prosecutors and defendants’ lawyers.
• In federal cases in 2003, defendants insisting on their right to a trial got sentences averaging nearly three times longer than those taking a “plea bargain” (12.5 years vs. 4.5 years).

Life sentences, death row, and the ‘hole’
• More than 10 percent of US prisoners are serving life sentences, nearly a third life without parole.
• Some 1 in 20 state and federal inmates are in the “hole,” solitary confinement, or other punishment cells (2005).
• 2,984 people are on death row (2015).

Class, race, and incarceration
• The vast majority of those behind bars are from the working class. Some 40% are Black.
• 1 in 10 men in their 30s who are Black is in jail or prison any given day.

From The Cuban Five Talk About Their Lives Within the US Working Class

Related articles:
Class struggle in US and the Cuban Revolution today are focus of new books on the Cuban Five
‘A powerful indictment of capitalism: how prisons grind up human beings, serve rulers’ class interests’
Students in Matanzas, Cuba, eager to learn about class politics in US

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Bourgeois Socialism

. Conservative or Bourgeois Socialism

From MIA: Marxists: Marx & Engels: Library: 1848: Manifesto of the Communist Party: Chapter 3:

A part of the bourgeoisie is desirous of redressing social grievances in order to secure the continued existence of bourgeois society.

To this section belong economists, philanthropists, humanitarians, improvers of the condition of the working class, organisers of charity, members of societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, temperance fanatics, hole-and-corner reformers of every imaginable kind. This form of socialism has, moreover, been worked out into complete systems.

We may cite Proudhon’s Philosophie de la Misère as an example of this form.

The Socialistic bourgeois want all the advantages of modern social conditions without the struggles and dangers necessarily resulting therefrom. They desire the existing state of society, minus its revolutionary and disintegrating elements. They wish for a bourgeoisie without a proletariat. The bourgeoisie naturally conceives the world in which it is supreme to be the best; and bourgeois Socialism develops this comfortable conception into various more or less complete systems. In requiring the proletariat to carry out such a system, and thereby to march straightway into the social New Jerusalem, it but requires in reality, that the proletariat should remain within the bounds of existing society, but should cast away all its hateful ideas concerning the bourgeoisie.

A second, and more practical, but less systematic, form of this Socialism sought to depreciate every revolutionary movement in the eyes of the working class by showing that no mere political reform, but only a change in the material conditions of existence, in economical relations, could be of any advantage to them. By changes in the material conditions of existence, this form of Socialism, however, by no means understands abolition of the bourgeois relations of production, an abolition that can be affected only by a revolution, but administrative reforms, based on the continued existence of these relations; reforms, therefore, that in no respect affect the relations between capital and labour, but, at the best, lessen the cost, and simplify the administrative work, of bourgeois government. {emphasis added}

Bourgeois Socialism attains adequate expression when, and only when, it becomes a mere figure of speech.

Free trade: for the benefit of the working class. Protective duties: for the benefit of the working class. Prison Reform: for the benefit of the working class. This is the last word and the only seriously meant word of bourgeois socialism.

It is summed up in the phrase: the bourgeois is a bourgeois — for the benefit of the working class.

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Must Read

Lenin: The Right of Nations to Self Determination



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Bahrain Center for Human Rights names individuals facing trial by military courts. Full Text

Reblogged from 2011 protests in Bahrain

Rawlin'sView Blog

The following article describes the 21 individuals facing trial today in Bahrain. The trials are closed to the public. Four young men have already been sentenced to death in Bahrain. The individuals facing trial could potentially also face a death sentence according to an article by AFP. For a link to current AFP article describing the trials in Bahrain today Follow This Link Bahrain opposition leaders appear in court martial

Complete Text of Statement from Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Important information about the trial of prominent Bahraini’s on Sunday

Dear Friends,To give you a quick overview on tomorrows case:

There are several things worth mentioning. The people going on trial are of very diverse backgrounds and from different political societies and/or organizations. Some of these detainees were in detention during the beginning of the mass pro-democracy protests after they were arrested during the previous crackdown in…

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UAW Local 833 Strikes Wisconsin Kholer plant

Many hundreds of workers have rejected a two-tier contract and are on strike against the Kholer company based in Wisconsin. Kholer produces plumbing fixtures, electrical generators and other basic products. Links for more information on the strike can be found below.

Workers Walk Picket on rainy Thanksgiving Day

The Militant Reports on UAW Kholer Strike

Wikipedia history of labor militancy at Kholer plant

US News Article on Pickets at Kholer Plant

Link to website of UAW local 833, the members of which are on strike against Kholer.

Donations and support to the workers on strike at Kholer
“We are currently accepting material & cash donations. Donations to the ‘Strike Fund’ help defray our Locals expenses & operating costs. The “Kohler UAW Local 833 Workers Relief Fund” helps our members who are most in need. We are working on donation buttons, which will be set up in the next week. You can also mail or drop off donations at:

Emil Mazey Hall
C/O either strike funds name
5425 Superior Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53083

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The Characteristics of Mature Capitalism v. 4

Rawlin'sView Blog

by Rawlinsview –New York Jan 29, 2014

– –  The Current Situation – –

Every child knows, too, that the masses of products corresponding to the different needs required different and quantitatively determined masses of the total labor of society. That this necessity of the distribution of social labor in definite proportions cannot possibly be done away with by a particular form of social production but can only change the mode of its appearance , is self-evident. No natural laws can be done away with. What can change in historically different circumstances is only the form in which these laws assert themselves. And the form in which this proportional distribution of labor asserts itself, in the state of society where the interconnection of social labor is manifested in the private exchange of the individual products of labor, is precisely the exchange value of these products.[1]

The history of the…

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Microsoft customer service telephone hack?

Is anyone aware of a situation in which the Microsoft Corporation telephone customer support network has been hacked.  This issue was raised to me by a technical support person who answers their publicized telephone number. The effective information provided was that when calling Microsoft one could not be sure whether or not one is speaking to an authorized representative of their company.

I am inevitably concerned about the security of my computers and I found this surprising and disturbing.


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