Discussion Topic: Economic Liberty under Socialism

Among the fears which some people have of socialism has been the assumption that the development of Socialism represents a threat to individual liberty as it concerns the economic sphere of life. It is assumed that in a socialist society it will not be possible to choose one’s own career, to develop one’s own innovative enterprise, to develop one’s self as an artist. It is equally assumed that economic life would suffer from a lack of innovation along with a decrease in social net productivity.

But leaving out the question of productivity for now.

Is is possible for a largely socialized economy to allow for the real social benefits of entrepreneurial activity and the development of individually managed enterprises.?

What do you Think?

comments welcome

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2 Responses to Discussion Topic: Economic Liberty under Socialism

  1. I would never contest that a system free of private property (as I assume the socialism you reference would be) would prevent one from developing as an artist or embarking on innovative enterprise, a priori. The problem is that without a well-ordered system of feedback, in terms of profit and loss, there can be no determination of productive exercises and futile ones. Without such a feedback, what is to prevent an individual from engaging in worthless ventures (from a public standpoint, although the private gain will be large) and be taken care of by the state, which is the sum total of all individuals productivity in a socialized state. This problem has the potential to become systemic and result in total economic paralysis. Once that happens, the economic planners (read: the state) will be forced to dictate the manner of economic activity, resulting in the loss of freedom of career choice, innovative enterprise and individual artistry.
    This is not such an outlandish concept, if any of us were guaranteed an equivalent economic outcome from working 40 hours per week or lounging at the beach, we all would “develop our artistry” on tanning. It is that we are not guaranteed equivalent outcomes that the baker plies his trade, not for our benefit, but for his.

  2. rawlinsview says:

    As always Robert your comments are succinct and clearly state the views of your side. Whether or not I agree with a word of it, They are ever welcome.

    I am withholding my own thoughts on this for a day or so in the hope of generating a bit of outside commentary. We will see how that works.



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