Viva Tunisia, Whither Egypt

I am not sure whether this is due simply to a gap in language or communication or whether it is truly so. But one thing striking about the swift and overwhelming revolution in Tunisia was it’s lack of identifiable leaders or leading parties. No doubt that there are leaders and organizers working and developing from whom we have not yet heard.

I suppose it is a function of living in the information age. Mass action can now be amplified and transmitted amongst waves of people at the speed of light and sound. This renders the more plodding methodology of yesteryear’s revolutions relatively ponderous. Organizations and would be leaders have less time to catch up to the sentiments of the street.

I do not know if there is a Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Che Guevara in Tunisia, but it is clear that the bravery of the people of this small nation has stirred the world and ushered in the beginning of a transformation of historic proportions.

The stunning speed at which the Tunisian spark has lit the flames of revolt in Egypt a country with eight times the population and one with inestimable historic and strategic importance.

The message from the street in Tunisia is clear enough.

There is no more place for tyranny in the world.

There is no more place for mass unemployment and poverty.

There is no need to sit back back and wait.

The time is now to stand and be counted.

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News and political commentary from the point of view of the social interests of the international working class.
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