Prospects following initial victories in Egypt and Tunisia

This will prove to be among the most powerful social movements of our lifetimes and I say this with the context of the overthrow of Apartheid, the collapse of Stalinism and the Civil Rights movement all kept in mind.

This may prove to be more transformative than the former two in the sense that it directly challenges the arrangements of power in the world as they have existed since the end of the Second World War. It has the potential to provide a more direct affront to western imperialism than anything since the defeat of US forces in Vietnam.

Whereas in South Africa a great injustice was defeated and democracy was brought to millions of people however an advanced capitalist nation remained so, and only the preconditions were set for a real challenge to fundamental class relations.

Whereas in the former Soviet Union a false empire was brought back down to its roots and false advocates for socialism and the working class were forced to show their true colors and the working class was, if anything, further exposed to the injustices of the world capitalist system.

The social revolution in Egypt if carried forward to its full potential will be a blow smashing the most cherished toy of the imperial master.

It has the potential to sweep away the world’s last non-republican monarchies and to drive a dagger into the already tottering neo-colonial system in which the world’s resources and labor power are exploited for the benefit only of the powerful. It is a long road to there but one can see its end from the Tahir Square

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News and political commentary from the point of view of the social interests of the international working class.
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