Martyrs of the Roundabout.

The following is a confirmed list of the names of the seven people who died in Manama Bahrain. This was provided to me by activists involved with the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

  1. Mahmood Makki Abo Taki23 years old17 feb – Pearl Roundabout

    from sitra

    his page in Facebook:الشهيد-محمود-مكي-ابوتاكي/165495176835262

  2. Isa Abdulhasan60 years old

    17 feb – pearl square ( its actually a roundabout)

    from Karzakkan

    note: the one with open skull. he was asking the forces to allow ambulances to pass through to aid the wounded. He use to use a cane to walk.

    I have seen photographs of this man who’s head was cracked open. RV

  3. Abdulredha buhmeed32 years old21 feb – Pearl Roundabout
    from: Malikiah

    note: passed out by live ammunition by the army force in the head. Doctors were an able to get the bullet out and he stayed ICE for 3 days.

  4. Ali Mushamiaa21 years oldfrom Daeh

    14 Feb – Daeh

    note: the first martyr.

  5. Fadel Matrook32 years oldfrom Sitra

    15 Feb – passed out near Salmanya Medical Complex

    note: killed while participating in Ali Mushamiaa funeral march.

  6. Ali Khudhair52 years oldfrom Sitra

    17 feb – pearl roundabout

  7. Ali Almoamin23 years oldfrom Sitra

    17 feb – Pearl Roundabout

    note: His last stauts on facebook was ” My soul as a sacrifice for my country”, he wrote it and went to pearl square and was killed.

    his page in Facebook:على-خطاك-سائرون-الشهيد-السعيد-علي-المؤمن/155727447814603

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