No to US and Western Powers Military Intervention in Libya

The most significant injustice being committed by Ghadaffi, aside from the horrible bloodletting, is that he is exposing Libya to justification for the intervention of the Western powers and destroying his nation’s ability to defend its sovereignty.
He is creating the conditions in which imperialism may strike a blow to the aspirations of the Libyan people and a blow to the whole North African revolutionary movement that has developed, Pushing them back toward the old dichotomy between “nationalist’ repressive Bonapartism and the fleeting enticements of “western style democracy”.
In this sense he is in the process of committing one of the great sins ever committed against the working class and the oppressed.
If there was half an ounce of revolutionary in him he would sacrifice himself now for a united democratic sovereign and revolutionary Libya.

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News and political commentary from the point of view of the social interests of the international working class.
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