The New Economics E. A. Preobrazhensky, 1926

The Link below is to an online edition of the first chapter of the New Economics.,  

Follow this link for the text of the first chapter

This seminal work, written during the last period of open debate before the consolidation of Stalin’s power, has finally received a digital edition. This unfortunately is not the complete copy.

I have written to Oxford the original publishers of Brian Pearce’ translation to see if I may obtain permission to publish the entire work online in a more accessible format.

Links to sections of additional chapters and discussion pages on sections of the book can be found on this blog by following this link.

Rawlin’sview Blog excerpts and discussion E.A. Preobrazhensky

Below is a 1966 review published just after the time of release of the English edition

There are two Wikipedia pages on Preobrazhensky

The link below is to a user  page which has much more detail than the primary page.

EA Preobrazhenky Blind Arthur Page

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