Bahrain repression persists.

The massive repression of the Bahraini Shia continues. The security forces there are surrounding, cutting off food and supplies and terrorizing Shia villages utilizing a combination of Heavy military force, plain clothed and even disguised …thugs. I have seen multiple photographs from a variety of sources documenting the sick practice of dressing security thugs in medical clothing in order to confuse protesters. I have heard one report of the repressors dressing in Burka so as to initially appear to be groups of women.

There are reports of patients leaving the Salmaniya hospital (the principal hospital which treats the Shia population) being arrested and beaten as they leave the hospital.

Though the movement that developed in Bahrain called for the building of a secular republic, the repression against them has taken the form of an attack on the Bahraini Shia as an oppressed nation. Its effect is to maintain as much as possible the divisions that exist in the island society and to maintain the conditions of strategic control for the continued exploitation of labor and natural resources. Migrant contract workers are also suffering under the conditions of repression as the price of basic commodities has doubled and the “security” situation is used as an excuse by employers to force an intensification of labor and a limitation on freedom of movement and other basic labor rights.

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