Bahraini citizens arrested and dissappeared please post names and full information in comments below

As the systematic repression of the Bahraini people by Bahraini security forces imported mercenaries and Saudi occupiers intensifies. A process has begun which may be familiar to those who have a history of involvement in supporting movements for social justice. While liberal pro-imperialists cheer the bombs of the French former colonizers of North Africa. US manufactured and supplied weapons are being used in Bahrain to intimidate and suppress a mass popular uprising for democratic rule and a national republic.
In their zeal to stamp out the flame of aspiration amongst the Bahraini republicans a roundup of suspected sympathizers, activists and young able bodied men is accompanying the arrest of movement leaders. Homes are being broken into by non-uniformed thugs and these young men taken away..

Please post in the comments section of this blog the names of any arrested or disappeared individuals. I am trying to assemble a comprehensive list which can be used to present demands to international agencies and authorities. This wordpress blog is a preferable venue to Facebook because the posts are more durable, easier to organize, and easier for me to control content. Please provide as much information as possible. The location and time of arrest. A description of the forces involved in the arrest. The relevant activities of the detainee, family contact person if you feel safe to do so.
“Hasta La Victoria Siempre”.. RV

اذا ممكن توفرون لي معلومات عن كيف اعتقلوهم وفي اي وقت واسمائهم الكاملة. تقدرون ترسلون لي مسج بكل المعلومات لانه قاعد احاول اجمع اسماء كل المعتقلين والمفقودين

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12 Responses to Bahraini citizens arrested and dissappeared please post names and full information in comments below

  1. rawlinsview says:

    Ebrahim Sharif, leader and spokesman for Al Wa’ad. Arrested March 17 in his home approximately 1:30 am in front of his family by plain clothed security forces. Mr Sharif is of a Sunni muslim background his brave participation in the democracy movement undermined the attempts by the Kalifa regime to paint the movement as a sectarian squabble or a tool of Iran. His crime is one of possesing a compassionate heart and acting on his feelings of human solidarity.

    Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace, mechanical engineer and human rights advocate for Al Haq party. Arrested in his home 2:am March 17 by Saudi and Bahraini uniformed security.
    Dr Singace had been in prison from August 13 to February 26. He had been on hunger strike prior to his release and participated in protest marches while in a wheelchair. He has been prior threatened with the death penalty for crimes of “sedition” he is a high profile prisoner of conscience. The international human rights community should be re-alerted of his arrest.

  2. rawlinsview says:

    I received a report of the following people this morning.

    Ahmed Sultan,
    Mohammed Sultan,
    Younis Sultan.

    “They barged into their homes and put guns to their heads in front of their wives and children, one of their wives was getting dressed as they walked in..
    They’re not telling anyone where they’re taking them. Any phone calls they’re making are being ignored and no information is given to them.
    Younis Sultan has a one month old daughter and Mohammed Sultan has 2 daughters. Ahmed Sultan is the father of the other two men he has 4 other daughters.
    Mohammed sultan is suffering from a brain tumor and requires medical attention.

    “They were activists in the protest and important for the cause. They live in Hamad town and got picked up at around 7am or 8am. Im sure the police are trying to collect as much protesters as possible . ”
    These arrests were made between 7 and 8 am on the morning of the 18th of March.

    March 21 additional information

    Mohammed Sultan remains in detention he is reported to be a member of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

    the other two individuals named above have been released however they were severely beaten to the point that their physical health is threatened.

  3. Jaffar says:

    Hasan Almoshaime’ was also arrested. He is the leader/former of ‘Haqq’. He was picked up from his home in Jidhafs town. Bahrain TV took part in the operation. The arrest was ‘abnormal’ as police actually did follow lawful procedure, of course in front of BTV camera. God knows what happened to him later!

  4. Saleh says:

    Every day we face riot police coming to our places shooting tear gas and other guns and targeted people.
    We afraid and we can go out because they will beat us

  5. rawlinsview says:

    The following names are listed on this facebook page. This page is mostly in arabic which I am able to read only with the aid of electronic translation. Further information on these individuals is encouraged.

    mansoor almubarak,
    hussain alaali,
    and ebrahim almubarak

  6. rawlinsview says:

    I received this report from the Bahrain Center For Human rights.

    This is indicative of what appears to be a secondary campaign and also an attempt to seize the computers of activists in an information gathering sweep as well as part of the continuing intimidation of activists and the general population in Bahrain.

    a group of riot police and masked civilians broke into S.Yousif’s house – a human rights activist last night at 2:30 am but he was not there at the time. they inspected and checked all rooms in his house and missed things up.

  7. Safe says:

    Write to united nations to act against Bahrain government.many peopel killed and many missing.

  8. Ebrahim Hasan says:

    The government of Bahrain has used excessive force against its citizens. There have been real atrocities on the ground.

  9. Fatima says:

    Is there a way to establish a google doc we could all then make publicly available to help document this more effectively and thoroughly? Or are such efforts already underway? I am drawing on what came out of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. Links shared below:,

    • rawlinsview says:

      These are excellent files. Thank you very much for sharing them.
      It would be great to build something similar for those who have been killed and for the imprisoned and, missing in Bahrain.

      I am still trying to gather the information I have no assistant and I am not the most skilled computer user. It is possible that the Bahrain Center for Human Rights has a more complete list. If you know someone who would build a database such as this, I would be very happy to assist in providing information.
      One issue in Bahrain is the simple fact that, since the Saudi occupation began much of the Shia population lives in a state of terror. I have multiple reports and there is substantial press and documentation from human rights organizations detailing nighttime raids on the homes of democracy protesters, civil and human rights activists and opposition political leaders. Even the Medical personnel who treat the wounded are subject to arrest, beatings and indefinite detention without formal charges.
      People are hesitant to provide detailed information as they fear that this may result in the further targeting of their families or themselves or exacerbate the ill treatment of their friends associates and loved ones who are presently in the hands of the state or possibly those of the Saudi armed forces.
      It was reported that in the case of the detention, harassment and beating of Nabeel Rajab of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and in the abduction of Dr AJ Al Singace that computers and cell phones were seized during raids on their homes.
      In these sort of circumstances rumors are common and sources difficult to verify. I have created this string to allow individuals a safe place to post relevant information and comments and have tried to provide links to reputable sources where available. I will create here separate strings for each of the two files that you sent me and encourage others to add to these if they come upon additional credible information.

      Thanks again


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