Bahrain: February 14 democracy movement make national call to defy Saudi occupation and call for international solidarity.

In a bold call for a mass Friday protest the Bahrain Februrary 14 movement for democracy has decided to directly challenge the occupation of Bahrain.

With nearly 20,000 invitations to a Facebook page a call has gone out for demonstrations on March 25 to “break the seige and re-ignite the revolution.

The call is for actions to take place in “all cities and every village” between 4pm and 7pm.

To view the original page follow this link.!/event.php?eid=211615525520059&index=1

A call for worldwide solidarity actions has been made by Justice For Bahrain a London Based organization of solidarity with the struggle of the Bahraini people for human rights, democracy and social equality.

Since the Saudi occupation began, demonstrations have been held in Houston Texas, Tampa Florida, Washington DC, London, Paris, New Zealand, Ottawa, Toronto, Manchester, Boston, Brussels, Helsinki, and Sydney Austrialia.

Upcoming internationalist demonstrations are called for London on March 23 at White Hall, March 25 In Mumbai at the CST, Station, in Calgary on March 25 at the Olympic Plaza/City Hall, In Vancouver at a location to be determined. In Los Angeles at the Federal Building on March 26 and in New York on Sunday March 27 at the Saudi Consulate.

For more information on political actions follow this link!/home.php?sk=group_187330941308812&view=doc&id=187750884600151

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