AP Article Describes Crackdown and Resistance in Bahrain

Bahrain wages unrelenting crackdown on Shiites

(AP) – 8:am EST April 1

Street Scene Bahrain

Tear Gas in the Street Photo by February 14 Media

The relentless crackdown has made major new protests a virtual impossibility for the time being, analysts and Shiite residents say. But the pressure is generating new anger among protesters who had been calling for democratic reform and equal rights for Shiites. Another explosion of unrest in the home of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet now seems inevitable, they say.

“We cannot stop,” said Ali Mohammed, a 33-year-old Shiite teacher fired from his job for participating in demonstrations at Manama’s Pearl Square last month. “We might go quite for a bit to mourn the dead and treat the injured and see those in jail, but then we will rise up again.”

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1 Response to AP Article Describes Crackdown and Resistance in Bahrain

  1. Safe says:

    Amnog these fired 100 from Alba and that will make the unrest worst again.I think the one who control the things here get mad.
    Only God knwas what will be happen next.

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