Bahrain missing and detained hits 375 as Monarchy cracks down on bloggers and journalists. Updated Arabic list

The attachments below are for the most updated list of detainees and missing persons in Bahrain released by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. This list increased by 60 people in just over 3 days is indicative of the intense level of repression faced by the indigenous Shia population of Bahrain at the hands of their minority rule monarch and the Saudi Arabian Military forces which have intervened in their country.

This is the list in PDF format

Copy of Detainess_arabic_30Mar

This is the List in XLS or excel format

Copy of Detainess_arabic_30Mar

Comments as regard additional missing Bahraini, assistance with translation to other languages, or other related information is welcomed.

An edited English version of this will be completed within 24 hours of this posting.

For the draft English release of names current to March 28 follow this link. ENGLISH RELEASE

Dr Abul Jalil al-Singace

Dr Abul Jalil al-Singace participates in democracy protests from a wheelchair Dr. al-Singace was taken from his home in the middle of the night while his wife and daughter watched. His whereabouts remain unknown.

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