Bahrain Center for Human Rights releases updated English/Arabic list of detainees and missing.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has released and updated combined English and Arabic list of missing and detainees current to March 30. Note that the File is an excel file originally composed in Arabic and thus is structured left to right.

The file below is copy of the list in XLS format.

Follow link of highlighted text to visit Bahrain Center for Human Rights

More than 370 detainees/disappeared within days of the imposition of a state of “national safety”, including 12 women

Last update 30 March 2011

– Among those arrested were teachers, doctors, poets, artists, sculptors, photographers and activists, dissidents, human rights activists and members of political societies.

– Many of the detainees or missing persons were arrested from SMC hospital after being injured with police shots and before the completion of treatment.

– The place of detention of the vast majority of detainees is unknown.

– Youngest missing child is no more than twelve years of age (Ahmed Ali Thamer Abbas Yahya).

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