Bahrain Center for Human Rights releases names of 27 killed since February 14 protests for democracy began.

April 6, 2011

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has released a list of 27 individuals known to have been killed since the February 14 protests for democracy and social equality began in the small Gulf country.  As of this posting reports show that despite the intense repression and harassment of the majority Shia population on the part of the ruling Sunni Arab minority based absolute monarchy, a spirit of resistance continues to thrive among a large segment of the population there.
The villages in which many Shia live are surrounded by security forces who routinely conduct nightime raids in which women are harassed and young men are pulled from their homes and detained without charges often being subjected to beatings and torture and in some cases later turning up dead.

Below are printed the full list of names directly quoted from the BCHR website. A direct link is above.

27 Hassan Jassim Mohammed Makki 39, Karzakan, Date of death:03 April
The Ministry of interior has announced on 3 April 2011, the death of Mr Hassan Jassim Mohammed Makki, aged 39, in a detention centre where he has been kept since his arrest on 28 March as a suspect of being involved in the recent unrest. The General Inspector of the Ministry, Ibrahim Habib A-Ghaith, claimed that the cause of death is a hereditary blood disease suffered by detainee. 

26 Sayed-Ahmad Sa’eed Shams, 15, Saar, Date of death: 30 March
Born Sep. 1996. Student in Duraz Secondary School. Died on the way to the American Mission Hospital in Saar after being shot in the face by security forces.

25 Isa Mohammed, 71, Ma’ameer, Date of death:25th March
Died of asphyxiation in his home after police fired extensive tear gas in the village of Ma’ameer. His family called the emergency room but there was no response from Salmaniya hospital. Ma’ameer has been blockaded by police forces and a lack of hospital assistance made it impossible to revive him. Sons of the victims said that they were forced by the Ministry of Interior to sign that their father’s death was of natural causes.

24 Aziz Jumma Ayyad, 33, Al-Hajar / Hamad Town
, Date of death: 24th March
Has been working at the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) for 10 years. His family lost contact with him for 10 days, during which the BDF denied that they have anyone with that name. On 24 March the family was contacted by the authorities to tell them that he was admitted to the military hospital. Two hours later they were contacted again to tell them that Aziz is dead as a result of heart attack. According to death certificate he died 9 days earlier. There are suspensions that being a Shiaa, his death is suspicious as his body was held for 10 days and authorities denied they had any information about him.

23 Hani Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Jumah, Khamis, Date of death: 24th March
A cleaner and the father of 1 year old twins. Left the family’s house at about 5 p.m. on March 19. His father told Human Rights Watch (HRW) his son was responding to a cry for help outside just as riot police began sweeping through the neighborhood. Fifteen minutes later, a witness said, the younger Jumah was seen running from the Khamis roundabout pursued by eight riot police wearing helmets. “Hani was running toward the nearby building, which was under construction, and the police were 15 meters behind him,” the witness said, “He ran straight past my house.” Another witness said he had seen police chase Jumah into an empty apartment building under construction, but only realized hour-an-a-half later that Jumah had not left the building after the police did. Local residents went to search for Jumah. They found him unconscious, lying in a large pool of his own blood. He sustained massive injuries to his knees and arm caused by being shot at point-blank range with a shotgun. HRW examined the scene of the attack on March 22, three days afterwards, and found fragments of bone, which a medical expert confirmed to be fragments of knee bone consistent with being shot at close range, as well as a tooth and pieces of human tissue still stuck to the wall and ceiling of the empty room, apparently the result of the velocity of the shots that maimed Jumah.
Witnesses told HRW that they rolled Jumah onto a carpet provided by a local resident and brought him by car to a nearby private hospital, where doctors struggled for nearly two hours to stabilize him after massive blood loss. Jumah’s father said that at about 9:20 p.m., an ambulance arrived from the Bahraini Defense Force (BDF) Hospital, accompanied by two masked police officers, and the officers announced they were transferring his son to that hospital. That was the last time Jumah’s family saw him.

22 Bahia Abdelrasoul Al-Aradi (Ms), 51, Manama, Date of death: 20th March
A female nurse. She was shot in the head on 17th March by a sniper. She was on the phone with her younger sister when she was shot. According to witnesses who came to her aid from nearby houses, they were also shot at by the military vehicles parked on a highway near Al-Gadam roundabout. Video of the car after the incident: Bahia’s family refused to take her body when they were asked to sign a paper saying that she died in a car accident. Final official death certificate stated that Bahia died as result of “severe brain injury”

21 Jawad Mohammed Ali Shamlan, 48, Al-Hajar, Date of death: 20th March
Works for the military. Gunshot in the stomach. Signs of beating on his back. On 16 March he went to work at Khamis police station but did not come back home. A person answered his mobile saying to the family that Shamlan is killed. The family were unofficially informed that he was at the Military hospital. 21 March a relative recognized his body at the morgue at Salmaniya Hospital.

20 Abdul-Rasoul Hassan al-Hujairi, 38, Bouri, Date of death: 20th March
Was stopped at a checkpoint on 17th March. Ministry of interior reported finding his body in a remote area in Awali and contacted his family on March 20th to receive his body. Signs of harsh beating all over the body.

19 Aklas Miah, 50, Bangladish,
Has been in Bahrain for 31 years, A father of 3 girls. Died as a result of bullet wound in the head during an attack on Sitra village by security forces, reportedly while defending woman protestors. Buried on 23 March in Gulap Gong village in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

18 Isa Radhi al-Radhi, 47, Sitra, Date of death:19th March
Was missing since 15 March, family was called to pick up the body. He was severely beaten all over his body and his skull and neck were broken. His legs bear pellets of bird shotgun. The official death certificate states that the cause of death was broken skull and brain bleeding.

17 Fareed Mugbel, 31,Bangladish, Date of death: 19th March
Was injured in Manama on 13th March during clashes between pro-government thugs and protesters

16 Ali Ahmad Rashid Al-Mraisi 30, Rafa’, Date of death: 17th March
According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car” in Sitra on March 15.

15 Mohammed Faruq Abd al-Samad al-Balooshi , Pakistani, Date of death: March 16
According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car”

14 Kashef Munther,21, Date of death: March 16 According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car”

13 Ahmed Abdulla Hassan, 22, Daih/Hammad Town, Date of death: 16th March
Bird shotgun wounds in the neck, back and legs

12 Jaffer Mohammed abd-Ali, 41, Karraneh, Date of death: 16th March
Live bullet pierced arm and settled in his chest

11 Jaffer Abdulla Ma’yuf, 30, Aali, Date of death: 16th March
Shot with birdshot in the leg during the raid of roundabout, and then with a live bullet on the 13back and settled in the chest. He was unable to reach Salmaniya hospital. They took him to Jidhafs medical center which was not equipped to treat such cases. The bleeding was heavily continuing, so they took him to Ibn Nafees Hospital (private hospital), but he died before reaching the hospital.

10 Steven Ebraham, 48, India
Shot by a stray bullet while on work as a security guard.

9 Ahmed Abdulla Farhan, 30, Sitra, Date of death:15th March
shot in the head with stun grenade at point blank

8 Ali al-Demestani, Date of death: 13th March
Run over by car

7 Abdul-Redha Mohammed Buhmeid, 32, AlMalkiya , Date of death: 21th February
Shot in the head

6 Ali Mansoor Khudhair, 53, Sitra, Date of death:17th February
Bird shotgun wounds

5 Mahmood Ahmed Makki (Abu-Takki), 23, Sitra, Date of death:17th February
Bird shotgun wounds

4 Ali Ahmed Abdulla al-Moumen, 23, Sitra, Date of death: 17th February
Bullet in hip, main artellies were cut in both legs which caused him to bleed to death

3 Isa Abdul-Hassan, 60, Karzakkan, Date of death: 17th February
Bird shotgun wounds

2 Fadhel Salman al-Matrook, 31, Mahooze, Date of death: 15th February
Bird shotgun wounds

1 Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, 21, Daih, Date of death:14th February
Bird shotgun wounds

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