US Rally for Democracy in Bahrain Website Updated as Press Coverage Expands

Americans for Democracy in Bahrain has added a flyer for the National Rally against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain which is to occur in Washington DC on April 15 at the Saudi Arabian Embassy at 1:pm EST. They have also added a twitter feed documenting the broadened international press coverage of the imposition of a militarized police state on the part of the al-Kalifa monarchy.  The monarchy based in the minority Sunni population has cracked down on virtually all forms of freedom which would be guaranteed in a democratic society, including: destroying houses of worship attended by the majority Shia Islamic population, interfering with doctors attending to the medical needs of the population, denying freedom of association, and the right to peaceful protest, firing workers involved in trade union actions in solidarity with the democracy struggle there, and engaging in physical attacks and sexual harassment of women.

Momentum for the protest in Washington DC appears to be building.

Meanwhile major press outlets, which had initially muted their reporting on the situation following the March 14 military intervention of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Council nations backing the repressive monarchy, have begun to document the situation in greater detail reporting on the continued resistance of the population and on the severity of the crackdown.  Thorough reports have been printed in the

New York Times. (see Bahrain’s Rulers Tighten Grip on Battered Opposition April 6)

Al Jazeera English (see Bahrain’s Hospitals Paralyzed by Unrest)

The Christian Science Monitor (See Bahrain Companies Fire Hundreds of Shi’ites)

Australia’s SBS Dateline program ran a 1/2 hour television special featuring in depth coverage of human rights abuses and a sexual attack on the wife of an imprisoned protester (See Bahrain’s Dark Secret)

Reuters has featured coverage and analysis of Bahrain on a daily basis throughout the week and AP has also stepped up its coverage of the situation there.

The increased coverage and signs of international solidarity with the plight of the Bahraini people are indicative of rising pressure felt by the Saudi Arabian Monarchy and the ruling classes of the United States and Great Britain who back both the Saudis and the Bahrain monarch. They can not wish away the consequences of the brutal intervention or the evidence of ongoing struggle and resistance on the part of the Bahraini who have staged continued protests in their villages. Nor can they deplete the strength of international solidarity with the rising tide of struggles for democracy, the social rights of the working class, and respect for human and civil rights in North Africa, the Arab/Persian Gulf and in many other places in the world today.

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