Saudis pay political price for occupation of Bahrain and repression of Shia as vicious crackdown continues.

Two articles in todays press recounted ongoing protests in Shia communities in Saudi Arabia. See links below.

Reuters article on Saudi Protests

CNN article on Saudi Protests

Meanwhile the following report from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights is indicative of the ongoing situation in the country.


A prominent human rights defender and former Mena director at Frontline defenders, Abdulhadi Alhkawaja has just been arrested along with two of his son-in-laws- Wafi Almajid and Hussein Ahmed. They broke the front door to the house and then beat them severely along with Mohammad Almasqati, the president of the Bahrain youth society of human rights. But they through Mohammad into a room and told him not to come out and then closed the door. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja was beaten so severely that the blood stain is still visible on the stair case. And when his oldest daughter, Zainab, tried to intervene she was beaten as well.

On their search for Abdulhadi Alkhawaja they went to his apartment first and didn’t find him there. They then went to his cousin’s house and he wasn’t there either but his cousin, Habib Alhalwachi, was and they arrested him. They finally went to the home of his daughter, Zainab Alkhawaja, and found him, arrested him and two others as mentioned above.
Urgent pleas for intervention as all three are under arrest, high risk of torture, and their lives maybe in danger

Tanks and troops continue to patrol Bahraini Shia villages.

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