Hillary Clinton at US Islamic World Forum: expresses “concern” for Bahrain, condemnation for Syria, full text link

Clinton “condemns” Syrian violence and Iran “tyranny,” raises “concerns” in Bahrain, seeks investment opportunity in Egypt and Tunisia

A thorough exposition of the positions of US imperialism in relationship to the Middle East and the Muslim World includes statement of “friendship” for the Bahrain Monarchy, aggressive language toward Iran, and a view of Egypt and Tunisia largely focused on economic penetration. Excerpt below with link to full text at the bottom.

We know that a one-sized fits all approach doesn’t make sense in such a diverse region at such a fluid time.

As I have said before, the United States has a decades-long friendship with Bahrain that we expect to continue long into the future. We have made clear that security alone cannot resolve the challenges facing Bahrain . Violence is not and cannot be the answer. A political process is. We have raised our concerns about the current measures directly with Bahraini officials and will continue to do so.

The United States also strongly supports the Yemeni people in their quest for greater opportunity and their pursuit of political and economic reform that will fulfill their aspirations. President Saleh needs to resolve the political impasse with the opposition so that meaningful political change can take place in the near term in an orderly and peaceful manner.

And as President Obama has said, we strongly condemn the abhorrent violence committed against peaceful protesters by the Syrian government over the past few weeks. President Assad and the Syrian government must respect the universal rights of the Syrian people, who are rightly demanding the basic freedoms that they have been denied.

So going forward, the United States will be guided by careful consideration of all the circumstances on the ground and by our consistent values and interests.

Full Text of Clinton Speech to US Islamic World Forum  April 12  http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/acarvin/~YYTkn

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3 Responses to Hillary Clinton at US Islamic World Forum: expresses “concern” for Bahrain, condemnation for Syria, full text link

  1. Safe says:

    Hillary Clinton and USA dont feel about what people facing in these places,more killing and more in prisons but she only said they issue this matter to concern government….till what time you will stop them from killing?till they kill eevry one.It is so shame on Hillary Clinton and USA to allow such killing in this time.

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