Civillian vs Military Casualties: Soldiers are as much victims as any human

This letter is written only a month and two days after the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City. For those who remember, the speed with which the US administration moved toward war in Afghanistan was stunning, their resolve to do so was intense and there was little dissent within either the Democratic or Republican parties toward a course of war.
I wrote about the manipulated demarcation of “civilian” versus “military” targets. This is again an issue in the Libyan war. The capitalist media and other cheerleaders for imperialism, would have us ignore the toll of death and maiming that is effected on the fighters themselves. “Rebel” fighters are counted toward civilian casualties whereas the fighters who still back the Ghadaffi regime are simply part of the attacks on military targets, or the regime’s “military capabilities”

“The greatest toll is taken in the impact of war upon the lives and lost lives of boys and young men.” I wrote at that time.


October 13, 2001 before the fall of the Taliban.
The Afghani’s claim now that the list of those killed by the US military actions is over 300 people. US statements made over the weekend indicate that a shift is occurring in their bombing strategy. They are now targeting “Taliban military personnel” instead of just infrastructural targets. This means troop concentrations and garrisons. Not just Al Quaeda operatives, but whatever boys find themselves in the Afghan army. In my view the demarcation between “military targets” and civilians is a false one in the context of this exercise. Murder is murder. As the bombing campaign moves to cluster bombs and other specifically “anti personnel” weaponry the result is that more human beings will die. The tragedies of war are not limited to “women and children.” The greatest toll is taken in the impact of war upon the lives and lost lives of boys and young men.
Perhaps I should apologize for the volume of tonight’s mailing. I have lost count of the amount of articles sent around. Part of this is because more stuff is getting sent in by other readers of this internet readers circle. I am trying to circulate what is of most interest and especially things which are printed in news outlets with which I think that the readers may be unfamiliar.
I have been an active opponent to 4 US wars in my lifetime. As a child I participated in rallies against the Vietnam war. I was an activist during the US war against the people of Central America (Nicaragua/El Salvador) during the 1980’s and I was an activist in the opposition to the Gulf War (Iraq) 10 years or so ago. This is the first time that my activism and the internet have coincided and I am trying to work out the possibilities which this medium holds for opposition to what I consider to be an imperialist military action. I am encouraging whatever feedback I may receive.
I have taken to two slogans which I think are simple and incorruptible. 1 No To War and Terrorism. 2 US Hands Off the Middle East. These must stand together in order to avoid confusion.
A Third , For a World Without Borders. It expresses my view that no progress is possible without an internationalist human perspective.

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