Washington DC rally and march for human rights in Bahrain draws thousands of protesters.

Following a spirited rally at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, protesters opposing the abuse of human rights and the intervention of Saudi Arabian military forces in Bahrain marched through the streets of downtown Washington DC to the White House grounds.
Raising chants of “1,2,3,4 Al-Kalifa out the door” the rally, which I estimated at nearly 3000 people while at the Saudi Embassy, seemed to grow later in the day. Organizers estimated the total participation to have been nearly 4000 in all. A few passers by joined the march in progress. Once at the White House grounds the protest drew the attention of many people in the area.

photo by rawlinsview protesters near the White House April 15, 2011

Protesters traveled from various parts of the United States, including one group which brought buses all the way from Michigan.

Protesters near Saudi Embassy April 15, 2011 by Rawlinsview

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