In a surreal moment Bahrain security forces kidnap a sculpture

photo by February 14 media, Paper Mache of Pearl Monument from Samahij Village Bahrain

This video depicts the confiscation of a paper mache sculpture in the Village of Malkya Bahrain. The sculpture is a depiction of the monumental sculpture at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama which became a gathering place and symbol for the Bahrain democracy movement. Bahraini democracy activists, human right advocates as well as the entire majority Shia community  now face intense repression on the part of the Bahraini Monarchy which is backed by Saudi Arabian troops,  and the military economic and diplomatic support of  Great Britain, and the United States.

The US fifth fleet is housed in Bahrain. Following the Saudi Arabian invasion of Bahrain the original sculpture was destroyed by the regime in an act of spite toward pro-democracy protesters.

This video depicts a similar event in the Village of Karzakan

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