Video shows unarmed resistance of Bahraini Shia in Duraz facing armed attack by GCC backed security forces.

The cycle of resistance and repression continues in the Shia villages of Bahrain. I have numerous details from varied sources substantiating the systematic destruction of the village ceremonial community houses “ma’atams” on the part of the Saudi, GCC and Bahraini security forces. These videos depict events in the Village of Duraz, Bahrain.

This video Dated April 16 the men are chanting marching after this Friday’s religious services commemorating the seventh century death of sacred woman Shia martyr Fatima who is the daughter of the Prophet Mohamed. This is an annual ceremony which the regime has tried to suppress in a direct attack on the freedom of worship of the Shia Population.

This is a prior video showing damage to a ma’atam aladalah in Duraz a Shia village in Bahrain. A ma’atam is a Shia community house in which religious school is taught, weddings, funerals and other social functions are held. This ma’atam was well built and finely detailed the community had been proud of it.

The events surrounding both of these videos have been directly confirmed to me.

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