Thousands rally in Pakistan against Saudi and Pakistani intervention and for democracy in Bahrain

Various credible press reports, including a short lived spot on Al Jazeera English live feed’ showed mass demonstrations in Karachi Sunday April 18 in support of the Bahrain Democracy movement and against the Saudi intervention and participation of Pakistani nationals as security forces hired by the Bahrain regime.

Iran has threatened to sever diplomatic relations with Pakistan over military support for the Bahrain Monarchy during the intense crackdown on Bahraini Shi’ites and pro-democracy activists.

The Daily Times of Pakistan
Thousands Rally in Support of Democracy in Bahrain\18\story_18-4-2011_pg7_14

This story reports on the recruitment of Pakistani military personnel and soldiers to serve in the Bahrain security forces.
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has also reported on this matter.

Large numbers of Pakistani Americans have participated in US protests against Human Rights abuses in New York and Washington DC in recent weeks. See articles under “Political Mobilizations” category on this blog.

Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia receive substantial military and intelligence support from the United States Government.

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