Kalifa monarchy in Bahrain proudly announces the dismissal of 200 students and faculty following “regretful” events. No timetable for Saudi withdrawal.

Consistent with its relentless and punitive campaign against all in Bahrain who stand for freedom of thought, freedom of worship, or any form of social equality, determined to hold on to the reigns of its tiny fiefdom at any cost including evidently that of its own eventual destruction. The Kalifa monarchy based in a small sector of the minority Sunni Arab population of Bahrain via the UoB mouthpiece Janahi complains of of the 350,000 BD cost to the university as a result of the unrest.
Presently the at least 4 people have died in detention since the Saudi intervention in Bahrain which began on March 14 of this year. Over 600 people are believed to be detained by the regime and at least 30 people including two women have died at the hands of security forces. Mosques and other houses of worship sacred to the majority Shia population have been intentionally desecrated and destroyed. The local villages are experiencing a state of siege. Hundreds of people who are suspected of sympathy with the democracy movement have been sacked from their jobs. Military checkpoints grid the capital city of Manama. The main public hospital has been placed under military control and medical services are effectively denied to the Shia population who face fear of detention if they appear at the facility requiring medical assistance. Young Shia men risk arbitrary detention at checkpoints and are effectively banned from any form of assembly.

Manama, April 19. (BNA) – Following the regretful incidents that happened last March 13, the University of Bahrain (UoB) has dismissed 200 students, academicians, admins, employees and security guards so far, annouced the UoB President Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, adding that the damage caused those incidents reached BD 350,000.

Speaking during today’s session of the Representatives Council, Dr. Janahi stated that the Probe Committee has sacked about 120 students up to now and acquitted 10 others, noting that 65 students refused to be quizzed.

He also pointed out that UoB has set up security, administrative and academic plans prior to the resumption of studies, affirming that the UoB Board of Trustees will convene soon to decide a suitable date.

Dr. Janahi also said that UoB has formed probe committees with all its affilaites, pledging that stringent measures will be taken against those found guilty.

For a link to the original BNA post follow this http://www.bna.bh/portal/en/news/453458

Meanwhile Bloomberg reported on statements made by the monarchy indicating their intention to have the “invited” Saudi occupying forces remain for an indefinite period.

“They are there for a mission protecting our vital institutions against foreign threat,” Sheikh Khalid told reporters yesterday in Dubai when asked about how long the Gulf troops would stay. “I cannot give you a timetable but indefinite is not in the picture now.”

For a the complete article follow this link :  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-04-19/bahrain-minister-says-gulf-troops-to-stay-as-counter-to-iran-1-.html

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