London Newspaper “The Independent” reports on destruction of mosques and ma’atam in Bahrain

Bahrain escapes censure by West as crackdown on protesters intensifies
Saudi troops’ demolition of mosques stokes religious tensions

By Patrick Cockburn in Cairo

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bahraini government forces backed by Saudi Arabian troops are destroying mosques and places of worship of the Shia majority in the island kingdom in a move likely to exacerbate religious hatred across the Muslim world.

“So far they have destroyed seven Shia mosques and about 50 religious meeting houses [ma’atam],” said Ali al-Aswad, an MP in the Bahraini parliament.

He said Saudi soldiers, part of the 1,000-strong contingent that entered Bahrain last month, had been seen by witnesses helping demolish Shia mosques and shrines in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

Mohammed Sadiq, of the Justice for Bahrain organisation, said the most famous of the Shia shrines destroyed was that of a revered Bahraini Shia spiritual leader, Sheikh Abdul Amir al-Jamri, who died in 2006.

To read the full article which includes a timeline of events in Bahrain follow the link below.

The Facebook organization international Justice For Bahrain which has been central to organizing international solidarity with the Bahrain democracy movement is mentioned in the article.  To join Justice for Bahrain follow this link.

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