Estimated 3000 people protest in Oman following Friday prayers, April 22

Based on a Reuters and AFP reports, Al Arabiya, and the New York Times all reported on Protests in Oman numbering an estimated 3000. Though the movement for democracy in Bahrain has seen the largest actions, protests in nearby Oman have been sustained and have not been quelled by either state repression or economic carrots offered by the Oman monarchy of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. None of the Gulf Cooperation Council states have constitutions which guarantee full representative political rights for their citizens. Smaller protests have also occurred in Saudi Arabia which presently has military forces occupying Bahrain.

Saudi News Today reported that the protests have been an ongoing feature following Friday prayers in Salalah a port city.

Al Arabiya with Agencies

More than 3,000 protesters took to the streets after Friday prayers in Oman’s southern port of Salalah, making it one of the largest demonstrations since sporadic unrest began in the sultanate two months ago, reported Reuters.

Instead of conducting prayers in a mosque, the cleric Amer Hargan led them in a car park across the street from the governor’s office, where about 3,000 worshippers had gathered. They marched through the streets after listening to the Friday sermon.

“The Omani people are not afraid of protesting for as long as it takes for reform [to take effect]. First and foremost is to get government officials, who have been embezzling funds for years to stand trial,” Mr. Hargan told the crowd.

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