Reuters reports on demolition of mosques in Bahrain

Shi’ite mosque demolitions raise tension in Bahrain

By Ulf Laessing

NUWAIDRAT, Bahrain | Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:11am BST

NUWAIDRAT, Bahrain (Reuters) – Two bulldozers and two large trucks are busy removing a large pile of stones, wood and prayer carpets on a large square — all that remains of a small Shi’ite mosque in the Sunni-ruled kingdom of Bahrain.

“Do you see this ? This was a mosque until this week. They destroyed it,” said a Shi’ite man, stopping his car in this poor Shi’ite village outside the capital Manama to point to another heap of masonry, where residents say another mosque once stood.

Follow this link for the full article.

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