Comments on “US empire/Islamic fundamentalism”

Edited notes from a conversation with the World Can’t Wait
New York April 26-7 2011

Regarding the following event!/event.php?eid=165488313507379

by perpetuating the concept of Islamic Fundamentalism, as if it was descriptive of anything in particular, the real distinctions which are germain to each situation, are papered over. A religion which is the cultural norm to many hundreds of millions of people is blamed for the specific behaviors of very specific actors, from the reactionary anarchist forces of Al Qaeda to the conservative state interests of the Iranian Republic to, in many cases, oppressed groups or nations demanding political rights, social equality and a rightful share of the natural resources that are raped from the region by multinational capital, the industries of the western imperial nations and the rest of the industrial world.
It is a sin against scientific thinking to have as the slogan for a meeting “US empire/Islamic Fundamentalism. Both Deadly,” even if the intent is to be provocative. Pardon my over reaction, but there is no equality between these things. The one is a corporeal entity with air craft carriers stationed in the Gulf and the other is an ideological construct created for the specific purpose of justifying acts of paternalism and greed on the part of the former.
Islam is no more responsible for the actions of, Monarchs, Bonapartist regimes, radical anarchists, fighters for national sovereignty, or the actions of revolutionaries, for that matter, than Christ is for the bombing of Nagasaki or the Russian Revolution.
But you probably know this.
I hope that your meeting is successful and that this point of view is raised by an articulate party.

tWCW reply
While it is true that the power bank is lopsided when comparing these 2 things, at this time..and that there are a variety of things at play that influence the development of “extremists”…..both forces undeniably exist and reinforce each …other -and these are important questions that people will be digging in to. I take issue with the statement that the question, as stated, is a sin against scientific thinking-(or that Islamic fundamentalist forces do NOT exist-you and I both know that oppression comes in many forms and from various directions-and can be influenced in diverse ways.) But you are right. US Empire is cruelest and hideous.Are you able to attend this event? Hope so….

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  1. Asfora says:

    There is an article here about The Quranist’s Role is Combatting Islamic Fundamentalism which I think you might find relevant and interesting.

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