Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan protests in opposition to death sentences, May 1 march called in Karachi

According to Shia Post in Pakistan, A May 1 rally and “coffin wearing” has been called for Karachi to protest the signing of death penalty warrants against 4 young Bahrani Shia men by a Military Tribunal.

All Pakistan Shia Action Committee (APSAC) on Friday announced to organize a “Kafan Posh” rally (Symbolic Coffin wearing) in Karachi on May 1st to condemn the Saudi-backed Bahraini forces brutality on the oppressed people of Bahrain.

The post also reported the demand that the Government and army of Pakistan stop the recruitment of mercenaries from Pakistan to Bahrain saying that the people of Pakistan would not tolerate the recruitment of mercenaries to kill people in Bahrain.

Follow this link for the full text of the post

Al Jazeera reports Protests in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in opposition to death sentences in Bahrain
From Al Jazeera April 29, 2011

Thousands of Bahraini Shia have gathered before a revered cleric to denounce death sentences given to protesters over anti-government rallies crushed last month in the Gulf kingdom.

The verdict, handed down by a military court a day earlier to four men accused of killing two policemen in violent protests last month, could intensify sectarian tension in the Sunni Muslim-ruled state that hosts the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

For the complete article follow this link.

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