Justice for Bahrain Press Release: six year old boy dies from tear gas inhalation during regime assault on Sitra

This press release is printed in its entirety. Sitra a Bahraini Shia village has been the location of ongoing protest and resistance to the clampdown and martial law conditions imposed by the Saudi and US backed al-Kalifa monarchy in Bahrain.

Press Release from Justice For Bahrain
30th April 2011
For immediate release
A 6-year-old Bahraini boy has died after being subjected to tear gas

The child, named Mohammad Abdul-Hussain Farhan, lost his life after been subjected to tear gas on Saturday as a result of the police raid on Sitra.

Bahraini security forces launched a major operation today in the village of Sitra, on the outskirts of the capital Manama; the security forces attacked the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. As a result of this brutal action by the security forces, a 6 year old boy Mohammed Abdulhussain Farhan died after being suffering from asphyxia as a result of tear gas inhalation.

Pro-democracy protesters have been holding peaceful demonstrations across Bahrain since mid-February.

According to local sources, scores of protesters have been killed during the government-sanctioned clampdown with the foreign troops contributing to a rise in the violence.

The rallies continued on Saturday in several cities in defiance a martial law put in place last month.

Saudi and Bahrain troops have also embarked on the destruction of mosques and religious sites.
mention the doctors and people losing their jobs
Justice for Bahrain totally condemns this merciless killing of a 6 year old boy by the Bahraini security forces. Our thoughts & prayers are with the family of the young martyr Mohammed Farhan.
For further information please contact
Mohamed Sadiq, Justice for Bahrain on – 07902 11 93 11

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