Eight Pakistani Shi’ites killed in Quetta Pakistan in first violence following death of Bin Laden. Youths protest social conditions.

Eight people killed as pattern of terror attacks on Pakistani Shia continues Youths of Parachinar stage protest

May 7, 2011  New York

By Rawlinsview and Press Agencies

According to press reports from Al Jazeera, Reuters, the BBC and the Indian Newspaper The Daily Star, Eight members of the Shia community have died and at least 15 others have been wounded in a terrorist attack on them in  Quetta  the capital city of Pakistan’s Baluchistan .

Quetta rests in an important trade and military route near the Afghanistan border.

Shi’ites are a minority group in Pakistan numbering approximately 30 million out of the nations total population of over 170 million. In recent years the Shia community in Pakistan has been the target of numerous bloody terrorist attacks by Sunni groups believed to be associated with the Taliban and other Wahabi radical Islamist groups.

Only this past September the New York Times reported on a suicide bomb attack on a Shi’ite procession in which over 50 people were killed.  [Link to New York Times Article] Other incidents have been reported in Karachi and Peshawar.

On January 26 Al Jazeera reported on an attack on a Shia religious procession in which 10 people were killed. See Deadly Suicide Blast Rocks Lahore

A city of eight million near the border with India, Lahore has been increasingly subject to Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked attacks in a nationwide bombing campaign that has killed more than 4,000 people in three-and-a-half  years.

reads the Al Jazeera article.

According to the website Shiitenews.com Young people of Parachinar have staged a demonstration in Lahore against the violence and poor social conditions in which they are forced to live.

Addressing the protesters, Coordinator Youth of Parachinar Lahore Farhad Bangash said continuous siege of Parachinar and Kuram agency not only made the locals lives miserable but also destroyed their business and education of the students. He said prices of edible items had been increased which affected the purchasing power of the people.
A large number of locals are living below the poverty line, he said and added only road leading to Peshawar had been closed for the last many years due to which people were unable to travel to Peshawar for business, education and medical treatment. He appealed the government to take positive measures to redress the grievances of the people

According to the Pew Research Center [See Mapping the Global Muslim Population] Shi’ites number between 150 and 200 million but represent an empowered majority only in Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Though a majority in Bahrain Shi’ites suffer intense religious discrimination there. In many other countries where they reside the Shia populations face varying levels of discrimination as a minority group.

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