Voice of Russia article on the composition of the Libyan opposition

Interview with Dr Berny Sebe of the University of Birmingham.

The opposition in Libya is composed mostly of variety of political figures and actors who want Mr. Gaddafi to leave. I think what you imply through your question is that we turned to refer to the opposition or the National Transitional Council as an authority which is very coherent, whereas we are facing on the contrary an aggregate of people who having common opposition to the current regime in Libya led by Mr. Gaddafi and his family, but in reality we are witnessing a wide variety of interests which at the moment are converging through the oppositional figure of Muammar Gaddafi, but who might end up having divergent views upon the future of Libya.
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At the moment the Transitional Council is presided by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and for that reason I think that he is someone who is trying to dissociate himself from the Gaddafi regime over he used to be the Minister of Justice, and he represents a key leader for the time being, but he is definitely more popular in the East than he is in the West, and he is being so far able to gather together authority of interest, because the Council itself is made of former military officers, leaders of the opposition, tribal chiefs, leading Libyan academicians, businessmen, some medics – all variety of people who have a very clear idea about what they want for the future of Libya, but these views might not be necessary compatible.

Libyan opposition: who are they?

Kudashkina Ekaterina
8.05.2011, 10:05
Interview with Dr Berny Sebe of the University of Birmingham.Could you elaborate a little bit on who the opposition in Libya is?

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