Absurd “We are all Hamad” campaign by supporters of absolute monarchy in Bahrain

Readers of the following text published verbatim by the Bahrain News Agency should keep in mind that Hamad al Kalifa is the King for life of Bahrain one of the seven GCC Gulf Cooperation Council States. Speaking for myself and nearly seven billion other citizens of the Earth, I wish to say that we are not all kings of our own little oil rich islands.

“We Are All Hamad” Campaign to Be Launched

Manama, April 30. (BNA) – A number of citizens and residents have launched a campaign via social media networks (twitter, Facebook, blackberry), blogs and websites as a show of fidelity and gratitude to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The one-week campaign, entitled “We Are All Hamad”, will be kick-start next Monday, May 2.

“The campaign was the brainchild of loyal Bahrain citizens who wanted to express sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to HM King Hamad and the wise leadership,” said media figure Maysa Yussef, asserting that “this is the least we can do to thank HM King Hamad who has always, through his wisdom and statesmanship, met the aspirations of the Bahraini citizens and made their dreams come true.”

Maysa Yussef also indicated that the move has already gained sweeping success, especially in Twitter and Blackberry, as over 10,000 citizens changed their photos by HM the king’s even before the launch of the campaign, adding that a special Facebook page will be dedicated for the initiative in order to enable Bahrainis to express their allegiance and love to HM King Hamad.

On her part, youth activist Abeer Siwar called upon citizens, residents, government bodies, NGOs, schools and universities to consolidate national unity and come up with similar initiatives in order to show the world that Bahrain is stronger and more cohesive under its wise leadership.

As to President of the Bahrain Youth Society (BYS) Ali Hussain Sharafi, he lauded the initiative, pledging that BYS members will stand united in support of the wise leadership in sorrow and in joy.

He also pointed out that the campaign is an opportunity to prove that Bahrainis are united in the love and loyalty towards their nation and wise leadership.


BNA 1957 GMT 2011/04/30

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