Tunisian military blocks border incursion by Libyan loyalist forces: TAP

Tataouine, Tunisia: infiltration attempt by pro-Gaddafi forces foiled

May 15, 2011 (TAP)-
National Army forces, deployed across the Eastern border of the Governorate of Tataouine, foiled, on Saturday at dawn, an attempt by Libyan armed forces to infiltrate the Tunisian territory.

Over 200 soldiers from pro-Gaddafi forces tried to penetrate the national territory at the level of Ghar Ayoub onboard 50 four-wheel-drive vehicles, a high-ranking military source told TAP correspondent, denying any clash with these forces who returned to their barracks near Ghzaya.

The pro-Gaddafi forces sought to take by surprise, from the Tunisian territory, rebels who control the Wazen/Dehiba border crossing.

Several military vehicles headed on Saturday from Tataouine to Tunisian-Libyan borders and to the desert to reinforce their presence in strategic points, TAP correspondent noted.


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