Bahrain: Dr. Abdul Jalil Al Singace apparently assigned to house arrest pending trial

As reported in the Website of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights

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(AFP)Bahrain Shiite activists accused of aiding terrorism

May 18, 2011

MANAMA (AFP) — Three Shiite opposition activists in Bahrain who were arrested on Monday were accused on Tuesday of training and financing a terror group, trying to overthrow the regime and inciting opposition, a lawyer told AFP.

Jalila al-Sayed, who is defending Hassan Mesheima, the head of the opposition group Haq (‘Rights’ in Arabic), said the three charges are based on offences in Sunni-ruled state’s anti-terrorism law.

“My client and the two other accused men (cleric Mohammed al-Moqdad and Abduljalil Alsingace, who is Haq spokesman), have denied the charges against them,” she said.

The public prosecutor has ordered Mesheima and Moqdad to be remanded in custody for two weeks and Alsingace to be kept under house arrest, Sayed said.

Dr, Abdul Jalil al-Singace as seen attending march 2011 mass protest in Bahrain during his brief release from prison. According to an AFP report Dr. Singace is currently under house arrest. Photo by February 14 Media

Dr. Al Singace is permanently confined to a wheelchair. His nephew Ali Abdullah Hasan al-Singace has been sentenced to death by courts beholden to the Bahrain monarch King Hamad Al-Kalifa. [In a prior edition of this article I mis identified Ali al-Singace as Dr. Singace’ son] An appeals trial for the younger al-Singace accused allegedly of killing a police officer during mass protests in Bahrain that called for democracy and the establishment of a secular republic has been adjourned for the present. The small Persian/Arab Gulf country has been under military rule since March 14, 2011 with occupying forces from the UAE and Saudi Arabia supporting Bahrains politically-failing minority-backed monarchy.

For background information from the Christian Science Monitor as regards death sentences in Bahrain Follow this link

For more information and the names and descriptions of individuals facing political trials in Bahrain follow this link

Dr Al-Singace had been sentenced to death in a prior trial in Bahrain during which he was charged with “Sedition” He was granted clemency by the king hamad and breifly released in an attempt to mollify the protest movement there only to be re-arrested and held incommunicado pending the present trial. Follow this link for a Washington Times article describing the Sedition Trial in Bahrain 2010

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1 Response to Bahrain: Dr. Abdul Jalil Al Singace apparently assigned to house arrest pending trial

  1. rawlinsview says:

    My own sources conflict with the AFP article, to the best of my knowledge Dr al-Singace remains in prison. His health is a critical concern. Due to the extreme pressure on his family and the general censorship in Bahrain it is impossible to directly confirm his whereabouts. Sources close to his family believe that he remains in custody and out of communication.

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