Bahrain court upholds death sentences against pro-democracy activists: Bahrain’s republicans singled out for elimination


Bahrain’s republicans face the ultimate reprisal
May 22, 2011 —New York
By Rawlinsview

It is notable that among the omissions in US president Barak Obama’s May 19 speech on the Middle East and North Africa there was no mention of the Bahrain monarchy’s use of capital punishment as a political weapon in the fight to suppress the struggle there toward the establishment of a non-sectarian democratic republic. Coming just three weeks after the US administration’s decision to assassinate Osama Bin Laden in an extra-legal raid on the sovereign soil of Pakistan and just 3 days following the US president’s speech’ an appeal on the trial of Ali Abdullah Hassan al-Singace and Abdul Aziz Abdul Redha Ibrahim Hussein upheld their capital conviction by a military court. It is not a coincidence that Ali al-Singace is the newphew of Dr. AJ al Singace who also faces trial. The uncle is connected to the Haq Movement a secular organization in Bahrain that is amongst those who have explicitly called for the formation of Bahrain as a democratic republic and thus repudiated monarchial rule.

For a link to an article describing the formation of the “Coalition for a Republic” [March 8 2011] in Bahrain follow this

According to an article yesterday By Roy Gutman from McClatchy Newspapers

One reason that demonstrations broke out Sunday – and young men in the Shiite villages have been staging marches regularly for more than a month-was a widespread belief that at least one of those sentenced to death was nowhere near the scene when the killing was said to have occurred, and was in no position to drive a vehicle.

Ali Abdullah Hasan al-Singace, who was sentenced to death by firing squad with Abdul Aziz Abdullah Ibrahim Hussein, was very overweight and had one leg completely in a cast at the time, according to hospital records cited by several members of the opposition.

International human rights groups have pleaded with Bahrain’s U.S.-allied government not to proceed with the executions, but now the only hope of the defendants appears to be a decision by King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa to commute the sentences.

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Bahrain court upholds death sentences

Special court upholds death sentences for two men convicted of killing policemen during anti-government demonstrations.
Last Modified: 22 May 2011 12:09 –Al Jazeera The death sentences are only the third in more than 30 years issued against Bahraini citizens [Al Wefaq Party]

A Bahrain emergency appeals court has upheld death sentences for two men found guilty of killing police officers during recent unrest on the island kingdom.

Human rights activists said that punishments given to Ali Abdullah Hassan al-Singace and Abdul Aziz Abdul Redha Ibrahim Hussein in Sunday’s court rulings were designed to prevent more protests.

Qasim Hassan Mattar Ahmed and Saeed Abdul Jalil Saeed, two other men who were among the four initially sentenced to death on April 28, had their sentences reduced to life imprisonment, the Bahraini state news agency said.

The report did not say when the two executions would be carried out, but Mohammed Ahmed, a Manama-based legal expert, said they would first need to be approved by Bahrain’s king.

The appeals, like the trial before it, were heard in a special security court presided over by civil and military judges.

It was set up under emergency laws implemented in March during a government crackdown on the Shia-led protests.

The security court is separately trying 21 mostly Shia opposition leaders and political activists accused of plotting against the state. It last week sentenced a prominent Shia cleric and eight others to 20 years in prison for the alleged kidnapping of a police officer.

Bahrain, home of the US Fifth Fleet, faced a wave of Shia-led protests in February and March demanding democratic reform and an end to sectarian discrimination in the Sunni-ruled kingdom as some hardliners demanded a republic.

Bahrain’s rulers imposed emergency law and called in troops from neighbouring Gulf countries in March to quash the protests, which amounted to the greatest threat to the island kingdom’s Sunni rulers in Bahrain’s history

To read the complete article at Al Jazeera Follow this link

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