Bahrain News Agency announces Fahrenheight 451 crusade, destroys publications.

Consistent with its penchant for Orwellian statements (in this instance Ray Bradbury also comes to mind) and possessing a lack of irony which may perhaps be a hereditary trait resultant of 200 years of minority rule, the Bahrain News Agency, official news outlet of the Bahrain Monarchy and author of the “We are all Hamad Campaign” in which common citizens were supposed to empathize with the plight of their hereditary king, proudly announced the destruction of over 100 publications.

IAA destroys more than 100 publicatons in violations with publishing laws  — BNA

Manama, May 22 (BNA) The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) Director of Publications and Publishing Nawaf Mohammed Al Mawadh stated that following directives of the IAA’s President Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, the Publication and Publishing Directorate in coordination with the Public Prosecutor destroyed more than 100 publications that are contrary to the laws and regulations. This action is considered the largest of its kind since the past five years, which included the seizure of large numbers of computer software, CD-ROMs and films in violation of the law regulating the press, printing and publishing and the copyright law and that related to rights and intellectual property laws. Al Mawadh said that this process comes in the framework of the keenness of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment to international covenants and laws, and to protect the market and society from counterfeit and indecent publications, which are incompatible with the teachings of religion and morals of society. He also called upon all the dealers in these activities to provide the original copies and comply with regulations and laws that would enhance the prestige of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the application of laws and protection of works and literary and artistic publications.

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