Fire kills 4 Eritrean migrant workers at Lybia/Tunisia border camp: TAP

Fire kills four Eritreans at Ras Jedir refugee camp

Sunday, May 22, 2011 14:19


TUNIS (TAP)- A Fire killed four Eritreans on Saturday night in the refugee Shusha camp, Ras Jedir, near the Tunisian-Libyan border, a military source reported on Sunday.

The cause of the fire, which also destroyed 21 tents in a  camp for Eritrean refugees, is still unknown and will be determined by the investigation, said the same source.

The origin of the fire, either a gas leak, a short circuit or a criminal act, is not clearly established for the moment, but weather conditions marked by strong wind, combined with the characteristics of the tents filled with mattresses and sheets as well as highly flammable plastic products had fuelled flames.

The National Army and the Civil Defence mobilised five fire trucks to control the fire and two ambulances to transport victims and rescue the other refugees.

The fire provoked anger among refugees who fled their camp while others tried to confine the fire by inadequate means.

The fire also stirred anger among Eritrean refugees who pointed the finger at UN organisations for their slowness to respond favourably to their wish to be transferred in other countries where they hope to find political asylum because of the situation in Eritrea.

The refugees expressed their thanks to the national army for its great efforts to rescue them and ensure their safety.

According to some unconfirmed information, the fire could be of criminal origin and might be perpetrated by refugees from different nationalities.

This version is based on the fact that a first attempt to set fire was quickly brought under control at midnight but the second perpetrated at 3:00 a.m. destroyed 21 tents and killed four refugees.

Last Updated on Sunday, May 22, 2011 14:37

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