Bahrain “state of national safety” comes to a nominal end. Conditions of martial law continue. WAAD offices shuttered

June 1, 2011–New York, Manama Bahrain
by Rawlinsview with correspondents

Despite official announcements to the contrary, today in Bahrain continues to be like any other day since the absolute monarchy there began its intense and sadistic crackdown on the mass democracy movement that developed in February and March of this year as a response to democratic uprisings in Egypt and Tunisa.

Young men remain on Death row, non violent street protests are met with tear gas and rubber bullets. The villages in which many of the majority Shia population live experience a state of siege, check points continue to abound in the capital city of Manama and hundreds of people who have committed no identifiable crime are imprisoned, many of these without communication. Saudi and UAE occupying forces called in to back up the discredited monarchy remain in Bahrain. Generalized harassment of the Shia population continues.

Also in continuity with the past months the Bahraini people continue their unprecedented resistance to monarchial autocracy and sectarian repression on the part of the minority based Sunni Arab King Hamad al-Kalifa. Street protests today have occurred in many Shia villages and more protests are planned for this Friday.

Young men on death row in Bahrain Ali Abdullah Hassan al-Singace and Abdul Aziz Abdul Redha Ibrahim Hussein

As the blogger Pepe Escobar writes in Bahrain topples its own people

…in Bahrain, state news agency BNA has announced, “The state of national safety is lifted across the kingdom of Bahrain from June 1, 2011.” That’s a decree by King Hamad al-Khalifa, who proves to be, in spite of himself, an admirer of English author George Orwell, as he characterizes a state of emergency as “a state of national safety”.

“National safety” in this case includes the state razing to the ground – with full Saudi input – over 20 Shi’ite mosques; the demolition of houses; the demolition of the Pearl roundabout – the symbol of the mass protests; and beating and jailing hundreds of protesters. The House of Saud’s Nayef best pal in Manama has got to be Bahrain’s Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa ibn Salman al-Khalifa, 75, who has held the cozy job for no less than 40 years – a world record.

Bahrain security forces fire on unarmed protesters Bani Jamra village June 1, video capture by February 14 Media

In celebration of the end of the “state of national safety” the official news agency of Bahrain announced the closing the offices of the Democratic Action Association “Waad.”

Manama, June 1 (BNA) — President of the Financial, Legal and Administrative Committee at the Municipal Council of Muharraq province Mohammed Al Mutawa recommended the closure of the Democratic Action Association “Waad” after receiving many complaints against them.
Al Mutawa said that residents of Arad presented a formal complaint demanding the transfer of the association’s headquarter elsewhere, due to the involvement of its members in the attempt of overthrowing the regime in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the unfortunate events witnessed by the Kingdom.


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