Tunisia:Fifth festival of digital cultures, on June 23-26 Carthage Acropolium; Festival Des Cultures Numeriques

Fifth festival of digital cultures, on June 23-26 Carthage Acropolium

Saturday, June 04, 2011 16:05

fest2011_acropolium370TUNIS (TAP) – The fifth festival of digital cultures is due to be held on June 23-26, 2011 at Carthage Acropolium, with 16 concerts of various electronic music genre, dance, workshops as well as permanent installations devoted to digital arts.

The event is organised by the Echo Electric Association from France, in partnership with the International Organisation of la Francophony (OIF), the French Institute stemming from the French Foreign Ministry for development of cultural co-operation, the Paris city hall and the Cultural Institutes of France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy in Tunisia, underlined Mr. Afif Riahi director of the Association and the Festival, to Tunis Afrique Press (TAP) news agency.

“The four-day festival includes in addition to music and artistic creations, digital installations to create a hybrid work with sound and vision” said Afif Riahi.

The event is placed, this year, on the theme of diversity which is  an attempt to illustrate the Tunisian people expectations since January 14, 2011.

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