Bahrain: Mass rally in Manama first since end of emergency rule.

Over 10,000 in mass rally in capital Manama, additional protests held in villages.

Numerous press outlets including Al Jazeera (see Thousands rally for reform in Bahrain)and CNN have reported large demonstrations of the Shia led opposition in the capital city Manama and also in some Shia villages in Bahrain including Sar.
The demonstrations have reportedly been permitted by the Bahraini government as part of its bid to draw the opposition forces into a dialogue beginning July 1. Hundreds of Bahraini democracy advocates and their associates remain in state custody on charges related to the mass protests which began there in February.

The moderate pro-constitutional monarchy group Al Wefaq called the demonstration in Manama today. Leaders who support the formation of a full democratic republic in Bahrain and thus the end of hereditary monarchial rule remain in prison and are excluded from the dialogue process at this point.

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