Civil War in Syria Globalizes

As the Civil War in Syria evolves it has begun to reflect the whole of global tensions in the Middle East. Below is a developed expose from Reuters news agency with a link to the full article carried by Yahoo

By Mariam Karouny

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad tightened their siege of rebels in a strategic town on Friday, in a counter-offensive that is shifting the balance of the Syrian war ahead of a peace conference next month.

Rebels said they had managed to infiltrate new fighters into the town of Qusair on the Lebanese frontier, where they are encircled by Assad’s army and his allies in Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia who have openly joined the war on his behalf.

The battle comes amid a blizzard of diplomacy ahead of the conference called by the United States and Russia, the first time in a year that the global powers ranged on opposing sides in Syria’s civil war have agreed to talk about a way to end it.

If the summons to peace talks in Geneva was intended to calm rhetoric it has had the opposite effect, with Russia and the West issuing tit-for-tat threats to escalate the conflict by sending arms to the warring sides.

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