Tunisia trade union denounces abuse of police power.

Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2013

UGTT denounces police’s abuse of power in front of the NCA’s headquarters (Video)

Protests before NCA in Bardo. Photo taken 1:15AM, 28th, July.

Protests before NCA in Bardo. Photo taken 1:15 AM, 28th, July (Tunis Time).

Tunis – The UGTT, a Tunisian syndicate labor union, issued an official statement where it condemns the police’s overuse of force when dispersing protesters rallying before the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) in Bardo, Tunis. Thousands of Tunisians marched in Mohamed Brahmi’s funeral, a secular opposition leader assassinated by Salafi hardliners according to the Ministry of interior initial investigations.  The funeral turned into a demonstration that headed towards the NCA’s headquarters in Bardo where furious demonstrators called for the ouster of the incumbent government. The demonstrations before the NCA’s headquarters are still taking place up until this minute. Recent reports claim that 64 deputies have resigned their positions from the NCA.

According to the UGTT’s statement, demonstrators were confronted by police forces alongside with what the statement referred too as militias or the leagues for the protection of the revolution. The UGTT continues to deny the police abuse of power throughout arresting innocent demonstrators and using excessive force. The UGTT claimed the clashes resulted injuries among protesters and demanded the government to initiate investigation.

UGTT’s regional headquarters in Mohamed Ali square, Ben Arous was home to clashes between UGTT’s supporters, demonstrating the slain of Brahmi and unknowns last night. Police forces were present on the scene. Protesters marched and chanted “The people want to fix the system!“. Nawaat.org caught the incident on tape.

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