Nicaragua Plans a 10.7 Percent Rise in Fish Exports

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Managua, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina)

Ed. Rawlinsview

Nicaragua anticipates for 2013 a rise in fish exports by 142.1 million dollars for an annual growth of 10.7 per cent, mainly by farmed shrimp and lobsters, government estimates show. Central Bank and Center for Export Procedures calculations indicate that gross income could exceed 2012 results in about $ 13.8 million USD.

The expansion has been mainly supported by the rise in the production of farmed shrimp, which experienced an increase of 124.3 percent from 2006 to 2012, while lobster and fish production rose by 32,5 and 26 percentage points, respectively, during the period , the report said. According to the source, the main institutional support were technical assistance to fishermen and fish farmers, the legalization of their statutes for fish production, credits and tax exemptions.

However, there are still important problems to solve particularly in artisanal fisheries, including lobster catch by diving, in terms of working conditions, as well as  the insufficient development of industrialization in the branch of industry the report recognized.

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