Syria chemical weapons deal provides pretext for future intervention. #Syria

The following post represents slightly edited comments made in response to the following article opposing US and other imperial and international intervention in Syria and calling for self-determination for the people living in Syria. On Interventions and the Syrian Revolution

The strength of your position is that it takes the interests of the people of Syria and the fight for national self determination of the whole of Syria as its starting point. For coverage of events in Syria which follows  a similar direction I suggest the weekly articles in the Militant. . I agree strongly with your position against any external intervention–and we know that there is a great deal of it– in Syria, whether that be by the Gulf States (GCC), Western Imperialism, Russia, Iran, or the U.S. This certainly includes the funneling of weapons to the various groups. There are quite sufficient weapons in Syria at this point, the question is entirely one of political will, leadership, tactical moxie and courage.

“Imperialism in the 21st century has refined the tactic of drawing out the battle in which the conflict itself becomes a further weapon of oppression as it becomes the justification for still further oppression. Ours is to evade this cycle rather than to engage it directly.”

The feeding of weapons and training of various forces on the part of the US which has been going on via Jordan for many months is entirely about currying favor with various forces and individuals in whom Imperialism can ‘rely’. This of course means that they can be relied upon to support imperial economic and geopolitical interests in the future and of course equally be relied upon to sell cheaply the self-determination of the inhabitants of Syria. The struggle for the self determination of Syria is one of significant importance to the international working class. The threat of direct military intervention on the part of the US remains immanent, “peace deal” notwithstanding. In fact it is quite likely that the chemical weapons deal opens the door for deeper US intervention as it has created a pretext for the intervention of ground troops for the purpose of ‘protecting’ the weapons inspectors and chemical weapons sites in the middle of a raging civil war. I would almost assume the existence of news reports of a ‘small’ imperial force, probably under UN flag, on the ground in the immediate future. Keeping the focus on the situation there and continuing the demand for all external forces to cease their intervention is a worthy exercise. You should not feel alone or foolish in your optimism. The Syrian crisis as an international geopolitical event has shown the weakness of U.S imperialism on the heels of its Iraq adventure. The resort to extra-national Jihadi terror as a weapon has also evidenced the growing desperation, weakness and isolation of the Monarchial system that rules the GCC Gulf States. The strength of the Kurdish national movement has already proven to be a significant development growing out of imperialism’s failed Iraq intervention and the Syrian uprising. It is not unreasonable to have faith in the ability of the Syrian people to resist the reactionary Jihadi movement both militarily and politically.



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