“We represent the class that produces all of the wealth in the world and controls none of it:” Interview with James Harris

James Harris was the 2012 Socialist Workers Party candidate for the presidency of the United States.  He ran against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Behind Mr. Harris gentle manners and slightly rumpled demeanor lies a lifelong commitment to the social interests of the working class tempered by nearly 50 years of involvement in the political and social struggles of our class. I knew him personally in the late 1980s when as a youth activist in the movement in solidarity with the Nicaraguan revolution  and the struggle to overthrow Apartheid I looked to him for advice and guidance on more than one occasion.

Harris’ patient, thoughtful and yet militant commitment to the struggle of the working class for political power is evidenced in this nearly hour long interview which I came across only today.



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News and political commentary from the point of view of the social interests of the international working class.
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