“Labor …has stood guard for what human rights remain” James P. Cannon

 From the Workers Party Letter to the Railway Unions 1922
James P. Cannon et al.

Out of the nightmare of crime in which the capitalist rulers of the world have killed and mutilated 30 million men in seeking gain to their narrow class, there has emerged but one constructive act, the only one bearing a promise for the future of the race, and that was an act of Labor — the establishment of a Workers’ Republic in Russia. Elsewhere it has been Labor, and Labor alone, that has stood guard and fought for what human rights remain. Wherever the Labor front has been broken, disaster to the human race has resulted.

The tragic history of the years from 1914 constitutes a cry for the consolidation of the toiling masses as such — as distinguished sharply from the class which has ruled and ruined [1]–James P. Cannon et al

[1] Open Letter to the Conference Called by the Authorized Committee of the 16 Standard Railroad Labor Organizations from the Central Executive Committee of the Workers Party of America. [c. Feb. 20, 1922] 1 A document in the Comintern Archive, RGASPI, f. 515, op. 1, d. 146, ll. 26-32. http://www.marxists.org/history/usa/parties/cpusa/1922/02/0220-cecwpa-tocppa.pdf


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