U. S. National Railroad Workers Contract Negotitations Begins in January 2015

In the context of expanded production in the US economy, increased hiring amongst the major “Class 1” railroads and an industry expansion driven by increased oil production in the United States. Industry-wide contract negotiations have opened between the major US  rail carriers and the trade union organizations that represent the workforce in the rail transportation industry.

As reported in industry periodical Progressive Railroading U.S. Class I workforce widened again in December”  The ranks of working employees in the six class one railroads increased overall by nearly 5 percent including an over 8 percent increase in “T&E” employees–the trainmen and engineers who operate the moving equipment. This hiring activity remains active into 2015.

Below is an aggregation of articles covering still the developing negotiations between the rail carriers and the various employee unions.

NRLC statement

Unions and Craft Employment Figures for 2015 Rail Contract Bargaining round.

The Militant (logo)

Vol. 79/No. 3      February 2, 2015
(front page)
Rail workers discuss fight against
bosses’ attack on safety, crew size

As union contracts expire, freight rail workers in U.S. and Canada face bosses’ demands for speedup, cuts in crew size. Above, July 31 protest in Seattle against one-man crew.


CHICAGO — More than 140,000 workers are in the middle of contract negotiations with the wealthy owners of freight railroads throughout the U.S. and Canada who are driving to increase profits at the expense of safety.


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