Bahrain Center for Human Rights names individuals facing trial by military courts. Full Text

Reblogged from 2011 protests in Bahrain

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The following article describes the 21 individuals facing trial today in Bahrain. The trials are closed to the public. Four young men have already been sentenced to death in Bahrain. The individuals facing trial could potentially also face a death sentence according to an article by AFP. For a link to current AFP article describing the trials in Bahrain today Follow This Link Bahrain opposition leaders appear in court martial

Complete Text of Statement from Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Important information about the trial of prominent Bahraini’s on Sunday

Dear Friends,To give you a quick overview on tomorrows case:

There are several things worth mentioning. The people going on trial are of very diverse backgrounds and from different political societies and/or organizations. Some of these detainees were in detention during the beginning of the mass pro-democracy protests after they were arrested during the previous crackdown in…

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