Statistics on Incarceration: US holds 22% of all the world’s prisoners

Reprinted from:
The Militant (logo)

Vol. 80/No. 10      March 14, 2016


US capitalist ‘justice’ …some facts

World’s jailer-in-chief
• World’s highest incarceration rate: US has 4.4% of world population but 22% of world’s prisoners.
• Some 7 million people (1 in 35 adults) are today in federal or state prison, local jails, or on parole or probation. • 5 percent of adult males and 17 percent of adult males who are Black are or have been behind bars.

‘Plea bargains’ and the right to a trial
• 97% of federal and 94% of state convictions in criminal cases result from the accused pleading guilty to charges horse traded by prosecutors and defendants’ lawyers.
• In federal cases in 2003, defendants insisting on their right to a trial got sentences averaging nearly three times longer than those taking a “plea bargain” (12.5 years vs. 4.5 years).

Life sentences, death row, and the ‘hole’
• More than 10 percent of US prisoners are serving life sentences, nearly a third life without parole.
• Some 1 in 20 state and federal inmates are in the “hole,” solitary confinement, or other punishment cells (2005).
• 2,984 people are on death row (2015).

Class, race, and incarceration
• The vast majority of those behind bars are from the working class. Some 40% are Black.
• 1 in 10 men in their 30s who are Black is in jail or prison any given day.

From The Cuban Five Talk About Their Lives Within the US Working Class

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