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Washington backed use of gas attacks in Iran-Iraq war : The Militant

Vol. 77/No. 34      September 30, 2013 Washington backed use of gas attacks in Iran-Iraq war BY JOHN STUDER As U.S. officials cry crocodile tears for the more than 1,400 Syrians slaughtered Aug. 21 in a sarin gas attack, a review of … Continue reading

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Putin, Assad, Obama, Paul, Khamenei : Voices of Power in the Syrian Crisis : #Syria

Assembled by Rawlinsview, September 12, 2013 New York Below are links of recent major statements made by the leading national representatives   in the international crisis centered on the Syrian Civil war/ proxy war. Russian President Vladimir Putin Op-Ed New York … Continue reading

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Classic work on woman’s liberation “Womans Evolution” by Evelyn Reed receives Farsi language Iranian release

Excerpted from The Militant socialist newspaper The Militant Vol. 75/No. 21 May 30, 2011 How women became, and will cease being, ‘the second sex’ Final volume of ‘Woman’s Evolution’ to be published in Iran—a moment to celebrate Below is the … Continue reading

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National Democratic Struggle: Lenin’s view

The bourgeoisie, which naturally assumes the leadership at the start of every national movement, says that support for all national aspirations is practical. However, the proletariat’s policy in the national question (as in all others) supports the bourgeoisie only in … Continue reading

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